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A proof of concept is even more valuable when the technical viability of a solution is not certain. It can indicate surprising alternatives.

After the end of the ideation phase we start preparing for the next step, which is Prototyping. We have so far been studying about the problem and now we are going to the field to investigate all the possibilities of solution. All these possibilities are registered as insights and separated for a viability study, which consists of tests and validations, which can count on 3D prints or simple molds.

But the reality is that the ideation phase is not always the one that shows the best way collected in the immersion phase. Prototyping is not viable for technological, financial issues or the incapacity of the company to take it into the market with the expected success.

In these cases, what can you do?

Giving up or persisting? If you opt for the second option your success chances increase, because it means you really believe your idea and the data collected up till this point.

However, it will be necessary to study about a restructuring or a possible pivoting (which means altering the course of the project). And believe it: it is a magical moment!

The discovery that the Earth was not flat was made while trying to get to the Indias.

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