Make & Deliver

From PPT to MVP of digital products in just a few weeks.

Defining the right problem.

Setting priorities may seem like an easy task, but even in business, it's common for people to do this from their own perspective. The prioritization process is about going beyond what your eyes see, the desires of the idea creator, and using the needs of the user as a basis..

The answer doesn't matter if the question is not correct.

With well-executed prioritization, it's possible to define the right problem. It may sound contradictory, but there is a right problem. Because the answer doesn't matter if the question is not correct.

The Make & Deliver stage at Action Labs is about determining what needs to be solved first. It's more than developing an idea or product. Everything is done swiftly, leveraging the experience from over 100 projects, with the team's practice and agility, along with the application of internal strategies that work in defining the problem – such as the use of Bluecrow.

Diferenciais do Make & Deliver.

User-centered decisions, expertise, and agile processes.

Bluecrow is where Action Labs' Toolkits reside. Within it, a history with the entire foundational platform for various types of digital businesses is available – websites and portals, applications, landing pages, marketplaces, purchase processes, and much more. This enables the structuring of the foundation for highly complex projects in 2 or 3 days, allowing for experimentation, customization, and detailed construction on the go.
viabilidade action labs

Working with fishy ideas

Uma prova de conceito é ainda mais valiosa quando a viabilidade técnica de uma solução não é certa. Ela pode indicar alternativas surpreendentes. Encerrando a


Auto Arremate is the new brand in the automotive segment for our time. It's the solution to simplify negotiations between dealerships and resellers across the country.


Bright Auto Dash is the complete competitive intelligence platform for the automotive market. innovatively and flexibly, it enables robust, dynamic, and more assertive analyses, providing data and customized solutions for each level of decision making.


TransferHub is a fintech capable of disrupting the foreign exchange market. See how it promotes the buying and selling of currencies directly between individuals, with minimal intermediation.


As the only television network in Paraná that covers all municipalities in the state, Portal Rede Massa has gained a completely new look, optimized for mobile and with geolocated actions, ensuring the best browsing experience for users.