Bright Auto Dash is the complete competitive intelligence platform for the automotive market. innovatively and flexibly, it enables robust, dynamic, and more assertive analyses, providing data and customized solutions for each level of decision making.

Helping to update future automotive market data today

On the platform, data is available in expert-modeled views, highlighting what is most relevant to the market in each report.

  • Energy Efficiency Monitoring

  • Monitoring of technological innovations

  • Cycle Plan

The Bright Auto Dash platform was developed for Bright Consulting, a consultancy focused on major market and industry transformations.

Meet Bright Consulting.


In this project, Action Labs accepted the challenge proposed by Bright ISD to create the most complete intelligence tool on the market current automotive. The platform, which unites technology with all of Bright's industry knowledge, facilitates the automotive market information related to demand and technological evolution vehicles are collected, analyzed and treated, allowing for a focus on the decision-making process. The platform is yet another exclusive product by Bright, part of a portfolio designed to support organizations at a time when limited resources require a more visionary and effective performance by corporations.

With the tool, used by some of the biggest assemblers in the country, industry experts can follow the evolution of the automotive sector , favoring their companies to remain competitive. In addition, it identifies business opportunities and product differentiation strategies that automakers will use in Brazil to serve both the consumer and future regulatory standards.