Thinking of the countless people looking for shared spaces to work, Woork appears as an Airbnb of workspaces, connecting needs to offers, following the international models of shared economy. With Wood, you find your space.

Result projects at the speed companies need

Click 28 turned to Action Labs to launch an innovative platform. Our mission was to understand the problem that was being solved and based on that, create a name and a logo that would convey the proposed solution. Thus was born the Woork, a meeting point between professionals and workspaces. But to explain this we also developed the concept “find your space”, as this was the direction pointed out in the immersion.

Action Labs' next mission was to launch. Our User Acquisition team segmented the campaign between the coworking universe and professionals, directing the first investments in the cities of Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and São Paulo. The pieces developed were focused on Sales Presentation, Social Media, Google – display network, flyers, email marketing, and landing pages.