Cheesecake a Wish from Curitiba specializes in more than 25 cheesecake flavors, between sweet and savory. Action Labs was approached to leverage Christmas sales and generate continuous traffic in both stores. Time was short and the challenge too great.


The strategy was to direct resources to the digital environment. We created a completely new website, optimized for mobile and with geolocated actions, talking to the public near the stores. We also redesigned the visual positioning of the products, emphasizing the ingredients and method of preparation. Communication was carried out on social networks and via sponsored links, directed to points of sale and contact channels. The phone kept ringing and the Christmas dessert took on a new tradition.

After closing the positive balance of the action, sales increased 20% compared to the same period of the previous year.


Always invited to participate in high-profile events, 'Cheesecake a Wish' was nominated as the best sweet in Curitiba. To celebrate we created a bonus card that contained a scratch card layer. The event's guests were given an opportunity to go to the store to taste the indicated sweet with up to 50% off.


In addition to the Christmas campaign, we also designed for the entire 2017 calendar, such as Mother's Day, Easter, Valentine's and an institutional one, which reinforced the brand's strengths, the visual appeal of the products and the emphasis on ingredients. We use as media the Shopping Crystal tables and access doors.