Mobnex is a platform that supports mobilization, campaign logistics, engagement and fundraising in a broad way, enhancing the performance and increasing the chances of victory for an entire party or coalition, in each of the campaigns.


It's the opportunity to carry out truly collaborative campaigns, going beyond what only financial capacity can drive.

This system, conceived from experiences exchanged with the team of US President Barack Obama, is an empowerment system for all participants, which gives control to the campaign coordination team, and at the same time, the ability to activate all of them. involved.

Expansion of Mobilization Capacity

An application with gamification strategies connects the entire team to the campaign, assigning weekly action goals, sharing information in real time and valuing the most active mobilizers.

Real-time strategic information

A centralized dashboard gives a global view of all campaigns, activities by city, state region and past performance, and allows immediate mobilization to local, regional or national flash mobs.