Vital Âtman is a company that promotes health in an integral way, with responsibility and innovation. The omega capsules it produces give you vigor, especially in today's times, when taking care of yourself has become just a second in 24 hours.

New Landing Pages with a new positioning

In this project, in the immersion process of POC Design, we arrived at a new concept for the product line and market positioning for Vital Âtman. We suggested an A/B test with a new communication view for the Vital Fish product, which improved the shopping cart inclusion rate by 30.3%. 

The visual identity facilitated communication between the consumer and the company.

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So that the look of the heart was the consumer's priority, we went through several levels of optimization of Google Ads campaigns. We duplicated the test in São Paulo and the rest of Brazil, split the branding and product keywords into separate campaigns and included RLSA lists for all of them, in addition to inserting the DSA template. We also create display campaigns focusing on the drawn personas.

The result? A 32% increase in sales conversions using the same ROAS.

Affiliate Program Strategy

We partnered with strong companies in the affiliate program and, as a result, the strategies generated an additional 2.5% revenue. The repurchase volume was given through a newsletter.