One month before the end of the year, we received the proposal to solve a great issue of air transport users in Brazil: recurring problems with airlines. Delayed flight? Fly canceled? Connection lost? Lost luggage? Overbooking? With Voe Tranquilo these problems are no longer yours, just apply for compensation online.  Saiba mais sobre o projeto, entregue em 30 dias:


Development of visual identity and language concept for user acquisition

After immersion, the creative team developed a branding manual and a series of triggers referring to the problems faced by airline customers. 

Flight delayed or cancelled? Lost connection? Was the luggage lost? Overbooking?

Claim your indemnity right now, without leaving your home and pay only if you win. 

"The project was perfect. Both in the quality of delivery, meeting all our expectations, and in the delivery time, which was even faster than expected. I couldn't be happier with the result."
Roberto Lifschitz
CEO Voe Tranquilo


With the holidays coming up, we had no time to waste. At this time, the demand for air transport has increased greatly, which increases the volume of complaints about airline services. We urgently needed a name that represented the customer's idea, a logo that would convey that idea and begin the work of acquiring users and partners. 


In the same period, we developed a Landing Page to capture Leads generated in Google AdWords and Social Networks campaigns. We also searched for partners through an email relationship ruler, powered by a marketing automation tool. Finally, we create persona-aligned content and publish according to SEO standards.