This Action Labs client has been operating for 30 years in the public and private health market in Brazil and is recognized for being one of the best companies to work in the segment. Achieving these results demands constant investments from the company in technology and innovation. Therefore, our challenge was great, which made us extremely motivated to go into the ideation process and find out how the Elfa representatives and their teams could get the best out of their work, keeping the medicine market supplied.


Once we understood how the teams worked, we designed a dashboard that was optimized for the needs of each level of the team. The representative tracks sales and goals in real time, as well as the manager monitors the performance of the team.

In order to achieve the goals, we created a relationship rule with the representative so that he could adapt to the application, from the download and its first accesses, until its opening rate becomes daily.

Personalized notifications by performance

Each representative is unique. And after the ideation process we figured out how to treat them uniquely. 

For this, we send personalized emails and push notifications on the smartphone in real time showing the evolution of sales throughout the month. The representative is also notified about assessments of how to achieve their goals and strategic directions to boost sales. All in a practical and easy-to-use application, linked to a large base of information from Elfa and the customer.

In this way, Action Labs developed a great sales tool for the day by day.